Antibiotic and Hormone Free


"I am fortunate to have enrolled in the Barham winter CSA for eggs and beef. The quality is amazing; the eggs yolks are high and dark yellow and the hamburger is lean and juicy. The eggs and meat are what I remember from my grandparent's farm in Kansas. Our shares are delivered once a month. I highly recommend trying all of their CSA shares and finding Barham at the Liberty farmer's market during the season. It is really nice to deal directly with the farmer who raised your food. Kenny and his family are doing a wonderful service for our community."

~ Stephanie ~

"The chickens here are simply delectable. Fresh tasting. I didn't know what chicken tasted like until now. I can't wait to try some of the other items available." 

~ Jon ~

"We've purchased whole chickens from Barham Cattle Company. They were absolutely delicious....tasted like they did when we raised them on a farm as a kid. Very tender, great taste."

~ Mary ~

 We have purchased sides of beef for years from Barham Cattle - and how excited we were when they expanded into chicken!! We even purchased a couple turkeys from him for the holidays and they were delicious and the best part is I feel good eating his products as he does not use grown hormones - Thanks Kenny we will be back for more!